About Us

Hi!  We are Travy and Yessy, a Christian couple based out of Dallas, Texas.   Our story began in the little island of Puerto Rico when we were barely 8 years old, and ultimately, we got married 14 years later.  We have traveled the world together spreading the good news of Jesus Christ through the Reggaetón music genre, and have been able to reach millions who before this new musically revolution, were thought to be far too secular to be reached.  We have spent our lives reaching these young people, and although we have not been able to have children, they have inadvertently become our children in the faith.   

During a rough patch in our lives, we were sitting in a restaurant and we saw that the waiter’s t-shirt had a very powerful, but simple message.  “Do not give up!  Do not be afraid, I am with you!”  God spoke to us that day through a simple article of clothing.  He reminded us not to be afraid and that He was in control of our situation.  A simple message on a simple shirt was able to fill our spirits!  

That filling of our spirits in that restaurant was the birth of “FaithBrand.”  A Christian brand of hats, hoddies and shirts that blesses people the same way we were blessed that day.  

With so many brand names that we wear on a daily basis, we ask ourselves, “What would the world be like if each person wore a brand that carried a message that could help change the world?  We believe that most things would be different.  

You can cause a revolution by wearing a hat or a shirt that will set you apart.  Strangers will see them and know that you stand for something different and they will want to know why.

One of our most asked questions is, “What do the cross and the three lines mean?”  The cross is a reminder of the love and sacrifice that Jesus made for each of us.  The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are what the three lines represent.  

Each month, new designs will be featured in our online boutique.  Designs that will provoke more conversations around our faith.  Our heart is to evangelize the world through fashion and music, and we pray that you are of the same mind set.   We know that together we can achieve great things through Christ who strengthens us.    

The road has not been easy, but through God all things are possible.  “FaithBrand” is proudly owner and managed by a cancer survivor, whose journey has been documented in his new book, “51 days:  The gift of Cancer.”  “FaithBrand” is also owned and managed by a member of the Afro-Latin community.